DEC • 2023

Women in Mining Day

This month saw Jetcrete and Byrnecut host the latest event in the Women in Mining event series at our purpose-built Training Centre in the Bravo Building.

Women in Mining Nov23 1

The event welcomed a group of women in to explore various pathways and careers in mining. The afternoon was filled with career information, hands-on experiences with VR technology, simulator mining equipment and a panel talk that was led by incredible women already working for Jetcrete and Byrnecut.

The ongoing event series is designed to invite in women who are new to mining and remove some of the stereotypes (including gender stereotypes) that are commonly associated with the industry.

The event included presentations by female Jetcrete and Byrnecut employees from the group’s Kathleen Valley and Jundee sites covering topics such as how they got into the industry, a day in the life of a female tradie and how they felt working in a male-dominated environment.  Attendees also got some practical exposure through Jetcrete’s virtual reality shotcreting simulator and the Byrnecut truck simulators.

Attendees were a mixture of apprentices, university students, people currently working on mine sites but not in mining roles and people looking to change industries. The feedback from attendees was very positive, with many agreeing that they “enjoyed the personal accounts of the mine life by current employees and the virtual reality experiences”.

Jetcrete and Byrnecut will continue to run the Women in Mining event series in 2024 with locations such as Brisbane, Townsville and the South West next up in the roadshow.