AUGUST • 2023

Red Lake 11 Level Project Update

As Byrnecut International approaches its 3rd year of operations at Evolution Mining’s Red Lake Operation in Red Lake, Ontario, Canada; the team has now completed a significant milestone by transitioning to fully mechanised mining at 11 level, in Upper Campbell.


Alliance Jumbo Development Following Reassembly Underground

The Red Lake Alliance was awarded additional scope in this shaft accessed area following successful portal development, rapid lateral development, and; transition to production within 12 months of mobilisation in the CYD Mine.

Substantial pre-works were required to open up this previous narrow vein mining zone, typically, 2.5mW x 2.5mH drives, in preparation for lowering split large scale development equipment down the tight confines of the 2.6mL x 1.8mW Reid Shaft.

These works required close collaboration between the highly skilled Evolution Mining conventional miners and supervisors, shaft teams and Byrnecut mechanised miners. This was all overseen by Byrnecut management and has been completed incident free to date.

The key achievements included:

  • Establishing a temporary workshop - accessed via shaft and 250m through the existing tracked 2.5mW x 2.5mW drives;
  • Mobilising an I.T. - Splitting, slinging and transporting 25 components via rail car and reassembling in the temporary underground workshop;
  • Mining >200m of 5.5mW x 5.8mH drives using handheld drills and 2m3 loaders;
  • Blasting a breakthrough drive and slashing within 5m of the existing operational Reid shaft without any damage or delay;
  • Mobilising a DD-422i-DC Jumbo - Splitting, slinging 33 components and reassembling in the temporary underground workshop;
Jumbo Slinging

Jumbo Slinging

Further challenges lie ahead with the team preparing to mobilise a LH517i Loader, TH551i Haul Truck and support equipment in the coming months with the intent of completing the remaining 1,800m of incline development in conjunction with decline development from the CYD.

Once broken through, this decline access will allow further establishment of production areas and decouple it from the Reid Shaft.

Timber Shaft Protection for Breakthrough Round, Jumbo Reassembly