Why Byrnecut

As one of the world's leading underground contract miners,

Byrnecut works tirelessly to ensure we are A CUT ABOVE™.

Byrnecut continually strives for excellence in its field. We aim to grow through quality, safety and reliability. With an open approach to innovation and an adaptable approach to our contracts, we offer a great service to any underground mining project.

Over 30 years of proven experience

Established in 1987 as a contract mining company, Byrnecut has developed a reputation for professionalism and reliability. We employ thousands of people, operating a multimillion-dollar fleet of specialised underground mining equipment around the globe. However, the greatest indication of our experience are our long-term employees: from the executive chairman to our onsite storemen, over 250 people have worked at Byrnecut for more than 10 years. Twenty-eight have been with the company for over 20 years.

Industry-leading quality

Byrnecut management systems have been certified to ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Standard), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management Standard), OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health and Safety Management Standard) and AS/NZS 4801:2001 (Health and Safety Management Standard) standards.

Long-term management view

Building lasting relationships with our employees, clients and suppliers is part of our culture. By effective communication and open reporting we have built mutually beneficial relationships with mining companies both large and small. In many instances we have been involved in projects from initial feasibility through to full underground production.

Quality equipment and people

As one of the world’s largest purchasers of underground trucks, Byrnecut’s fleet of specialised underground mining equipment provide an efficient and targeted approach to all its underground contracts. With experienced and skilled employees across the whole business, Byrnecut maintains the highest level of sustainable quality and integrity throughout operations.

We use CUTTING EDGE innovations and technologies in all our projects.

Byrnecut has a long history of leading the industry in delivering innovative technologies and challenging suppliers to improve products and equipment.

Underground mine contracting is a challenging environment to work in. It’s not only a highly competitive sector, but there's also competition from mine owners considering an owner/miner solution. In order to remain viable, contractors must evolve and add value to an operation through more attractive rates and increased efficiencies.


Mechanisation in underground mining leads to a safer and more productive mining operation. Byrnecut is committed to mechanisation of manual processes, engaging with industry partners and drawing on in-house expertise to offer practical solutions to everyday mining challenges. We are a global leader in the use of trackless mining equipment and have contributed to the development of these machines by onsite trials and factory engagement. This includes ever-increasing payload haul trucks and underground loaders, multipurpose high-efficiency drill jumbos and mobile, mechanised boxhole drilling solutions, and the introduction of resin self-drilling rock bolts for adverse ground conditions. Through in-house developments, Byrnecut has developed mechanised solutions to industry challenges, including hanging ventilation fans, EWP-certified underground work baskets and paste-fill reticulation solutions.


Byrnecut embraced line-of-sight remote control in the 1990s and rapidly progressed through teleremote and early automation systems. Byrnecut now adopts loader automation across all operations and considers operator-assist (or co-pilot) capability as the baseline for remote-control loaders. We constantly upgrade and improve existing systems, now implementing multiple machine control from single-operator stations.

Recent developments have included teleremote operation of development jumbos and production drills from these centralised operating stations. Autonomous drills have been part of the fleet since 2006.


Byrnecut has developed a world first prototype of a 60 tonne capacity underground diesel-electric 60T haul truck, which offers the range and flexibility of a diesel truck with the performance of an electric truck.

The prototype is being tested at Jundee with further testing planned for Gwalia.


Byrnecut continues to explore new ways to digitise analogue processes through mining, focusing on data capture, verification, storage and analysis. This allows for improved communication and better access to critical data for dashboard reporting.

We take NO SHORTCUTS in creating a safe environment and healthy workforce

Our commitment to safety is paramount to our success. Constant appraisal of our health and safety processes, plus ongoing internal training allows us to offer a comprehensive, standardised OH&S package across all of our sites.

Unparalleled training

Providing opportunities for our employees to grow professionally is beneficial to both the company and our staff. Byrnecut is endorsed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority as a registered training organisation (RTO) to deliver nationally accredited training. Operator competencies result in the awarding of nationally recognised outcomes.

In addition, we run a supervisor development program which includes modules for risk management, communication and incident investigation. All modules are nationally recognised and also comply with Queensland and NSW government requirements for supervisors.

More than just injury prevention

Sano’s Wellbeing, Health and Injury Prevention (WHIP) Program allows Byrnecut to choose from a menu of services that ensure a customised approach to minimising the risk of injury and improving the health and engagement of all our employees, both on-site and office-based.

Sano’s WHIP Program puts the ‘health’ back into health and safety through the integration of systems, technologies and people from elite sport.

Employee assistance

Byrnecut offers an employee assistance program (EAP) through PeopleSense. This is a voluntary, non-judgemental and confidential counselling service to help employees deal with work and personal issues. It is available to all Byrnecut employees and their families.

The EAP offers a structured, short-term, solution-focused approach to assist individuals in enhancing their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing.

Workplace safety innovations

Byrnecut continually works to create the safest workplace environment possible, from training to process and equipment.

We developed a WorkSafe WA approved work cage for use with integrated tool carriers and have developed a mechanised system for hanging secondary ventilation fans, which removes personnel from working at heights hazards.

We CUT AWAY the barriers between people allowing, them to connect and thrive.

When people can see what they have in common, they are able to achieve more than when they focus on their differences. Whether it be with our staff, our suppliers or our clients, we work hard to foster an environment that supports equality, a fair go, and diversity. We believe that our people are our greatest asset, and when they are empowered to achieve their best, the sky is the limit.

Indigenous training and engagement

Byrnecut partners with BOAB (Building Opportunities for Aboriginal Business) to offer employment and training for Indigenous jobseekers aged over 18, located in both remote and urban areas throughout Australia.

Candidates participate in a 10-week training course. They are employed as trainees for the duration of the course. Courses are run multiple times per year and, after successful completion, candidates are offered employment with Byrnecut.

Mature-age training

At Byrnecut, we recognise that mature-age workers are critical to our success. With skill shortages that are expected to deepen, investing in and employing people aged 45 and over makes sense to us. We encourage mature-age people to apply for our positions and supply them with the training and support needed to succeed.

Equality and diversity programs

Byrnecut embraces diversity and equality by offering training programs that are inclusive of race, gender, age, location and disabilities. As a leading force, we advise and develop pertinent, relevant, and targeted training to ensure the broad spectrum of needs are met.

We provide a working environment that supports all employees, encouraging acceptance and connection.

Employee wellbeing

Byrnecut understands and values the importance of wellbeing in terms of safety, productivity and overall employee satisfaction. We offer various programs, activities and facilities to help team members create a sustainable, comprehensive, integrated wellbeing strategy.

These programs are designed to raise awareness, facilitate change and build good habits across our sites. From regular digital sessions to talks and activities and educational materials, Byrnecut provides ongoing support where it’s needed most.