Health and Safety

Byrnecut is committed to health and safety, maintaining state-of-the-art integrated Safety, Environment, Quality and Training systems.

Byrnecut is compliant with requirements for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 45001, 14001 & 9001. Byrnecut Australia, Jetcrete Oz, Byrnecut Offshore, Quattro, Murray Engineering and SRO are certified against the standards.

The Safety, Environment, Quality and Training management system has a clear set of policies, reviewed and approved by the board on an annual basis.

A significant component of the management system is the Byrnecut Principal Hazards, developed by consultation with our workforce and focused workshops. We have identified 18 principal hazards and developed critical controls for these.

To ensure that we comply with our system standards, we have developed an internal auditing program BSAFE (Byrnecut System Auditing for Excellence), which includes a verification section for our Principal Hazard Critical controls. The audits are conducted by qualified auditors, with the reports being reviewed and signed off by all relevant management.

The INX database is used to record all events, corrective actions and training records. This system provides supervisors and managers with up-to-date information regarding an employee’s status for training requirement compliance, and real-time data for incident trending and analysis.

Health and safety training programs

In addition to the induction program and role-specific training, Byrnecut runs several programs to further enhance our employees.

SAFE 360

Safe 360 is a behavioural safety risk-management program designed to help reduce incidents and injuries in the workplace by improving our understanding and demonstration of:

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Mindfulness

  • Situational awareness

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Wellbeing, Health and Injury Prevention (WHIP) integrates the people, systems and technologies from the world of elite sport with the mining sector to help minimise the risk of injury and improve the health and engagement of all our employees.

This creates safer environments using world-first biomechanical assessments of manual handling activities with:

  • Greater awareness of current wellbeing through health risk assessments
  • Customised injury prevention and rehabilitation programs
  • Ongoing health support and education

Mental Health

The Mental Health program is aimed at empowering our employees to not only manage their own mental health better, but also find ways to support their co-workers, family and friends. To support the program, we also have an employee assistance program, offering qualified counselling support for a range of work and non-work related issues.

People Sense

Supervisor Training

Byrnecut Supervisor Training is an introductory program that covers a range of topics including safety system support tools, general duty of care, and legislation. It helps with:

  • Conducting of Safety and health investigations

  • Effective communications

  • Applying risk management processes

Training centre

Based in the Bravo Building, our training centre is equipped with underground mining training equipment.


Mobile Equipment Simulators

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Mobile Equipment Simulators

The centre is equipped with two immersive mobile equipment simulators. The simulators are configured for underground dump trucks – Epiroc and Sandvik – and underground load haul dump (boggers) – Caterpillar and Sandvik. The simulators are used for introductory training and for enhancement of operator skills. The simulators have the added benefit of emergency scenario training, such as for fire.


Replica Underground Tunnel

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Replica Underground Tunnel

This mock-up of an underground work environment allows a new starter to experience being in an underground environment, and to participate in realistic self-rescuer training using training self-rescue units in a realistic scenario.


Refuge Chamber

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Refuge Chamber

The centre is equipped with a refuge chamber, allowing trainees to practice chamber start-up in a controlled environment.


Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology is used to introduce employees who are new to the industry to the underground work environment.