Jansen Project Canada, Saskatchewan

150 km East of Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Nearest Town
Jansen, SK

BHP (Sub-contracted by TRL Mining Construction LP)


Contract Type
Fixed and Variable Schedule of Rates

Contract Duration
June 2018 - Feb 2022

Build, Own and Operate a concrete batching plant on-site at Jansen. Supply and delivery of concrete products for two shafts.

Jetcrete North America constructed a fully winterised batch plant at the Jansen Project and will supply all concrete products required for the construction of two 9m diameter, 1000m deep shafts.


Jetcrete North America were subcontracted by TRL Mining Construction LP on a build, own and operate basis for the supply of high-strength concrete for the final liner of the Jansen shafts. The batch plant is required to batch the high-performance products within strict temperature and quality limits, through the northern winter, where temperatures can fall below -40ºC.

The concrete products are delivered by Jetcrete North America Operators in insulated agitator trucks to the shafts, where the shaft contractor constructs the final liner. Batching and delivery rates of 50m³ per hour are required over the life of the project.

Map of Canada

Jansen Project
Canada, SK

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U.S.A., Nevada

2019 – 2025


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2021 – 2025