Namibia Giraffe

APR • 2022

Namibia Project Takes Off

February saw the mobilisation of Byrnecut's newest offshore contract, Canadian Owned B2 Gold’s, Wolfshag Underground Operation in Namibia, approximately 350km north of the capital city Windhoek. Wolfshag is the first underground gold mine in the country, it comes with great excitement for the team currently onboard! Led by Marc Lawrence (Project Manager), Wolfshag will employ 90 employees and expand to approximately 120 when full production rates are achieved at the beginning of year two of the contract.

The client has been busy making upgrades to the camp to accommodation all of our employees and making it a first class facility. The contract consists of both development and production, which will see a total of 10km of development and total material movement of 3.2 million tonnes. The underground fleet currently consists of one 422i DC Jumbo, one 422i Jumbo, two 517i Loaders, three 551 Trucks and a 421i Production drill rig.

Employees also have the opportunity to visit some of the worlds hidden gems and landscapes such as Etosha National Park, the Skeleton Coast and the Hoba Meteorite – the largest meteorite to reach earth. The mine itself has an attached education centre and game reserve boasting, giraffe, zebras, oryx, impala, rhinos, leopards and cheetahs where school groups regularly come to visit. We’re looking forward to ramping up production!

Namibia Site Aerial
Namibia Jumbo