OCT • 2021

An operations update from Jetcrete

Mount Isa Project – MICO + GFM Projects

Glencore has awarded a services contract to Jetcrete at its Mount Isa Mining Operations after a lengthy tender and negotiation process. The contract term is 3 years with options for 1-year extensions. 

The scope of works include shotcrete services at the Mount Isa Copper Operations (MICO); shotcrete, cable bolting, and sirovision services at the George Fisher Mine (GFM). 

Shotcrete requirement is expected to be about 2000 m3 per month for MICO and around 3000 m3 per month at GFM with the inclusion of the cable bolting requirement of 6500 installed cable metres per month.

The project will require over 90 employees in addition to more than 30 pieces of plant and equipment. Project personnel will be a mix of Mt. Isa local and QLD based FIFO workforce. Interested project support personnel including site supervisors will be transferring from existing projects. The gaps left in these existing projects will allow site role advancement opportunities. It is worth noting that Jetcrete faces a challenging task to mobilise in five weeks after the contract award. Jetcrete expects to be fully site established on December 2021.

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 3.19.05 pm

Renison Project

Earlier this year, Jetcrete was awarded the shotcrete services at Renison Bell, located on the west coast of Tasmania. The contract term for the project is 2 years and it involves establishing an onsite batch plant for concrete products batching with the inclusion of mobilising the necessary plant and equipment for the shotcrete application.

After the shotcrete services contract award, Jetcrete was then successful in tendering for the supply of cable bolting services as a separate scope of works. Site has forecasted a requirement of cable bolts installed of 1800 m/month. 

Last month, Jetcrete mobilised a Sandvik DS421 cable bolter to site and in addition, included a site supervisor to oversee both shotcrete and cable bolting services.

The addition of this project further expands Jetcrete’s scope of capabilities and operations in Tasmania.