OCT • 2021

A Mindfulness Snippet with Mining Plus

Following on from R U OK? Day and to keep the conversation going about mindfulness, we thought we would share a snippet of our journey to embracing and practicing mindfulness here at Mining Plus.

Over the last couple of years, our leadership team has had the courage to take meaningful steps in the direction of focusing on internal culture and wellbeing by implementing mindfulness practices to cultivate an environment focused on maintaining a healthy mental and physical standard.

Developing a strategic pillar focused predominantly on Mindfulness allowed for renewed leadership practices in action and calling out the question 'how are you travelling with genuine concern'. We are proud of how far our broader team and culture has developed, especially over the last two years.

Mindfulness seemed strange and unfamiliar in the beginning, but has now become a common practice. With deeper and more meaningful conversations taking place, our team is not settling for less.

Mindfulness has been a game changer, and we are seeing the true value flow over into many different areas each and every day.

Well done to the leadership at Mining Plus for laying such a strong foundation for our culture!

Mining Plus is thrilled to announce that in conjunction with our strategic partner Riskcom, that we have commenced a global review of an international mining client’s critical risk control processes associated with five major hazards! Mining Plus is providing mining subject matter expertise for each of the five major hazards areas. 

It was a big undertaking, but will deliver an immense amount of value to the client, and will contribute to safety improvements for the global mining and resources industry.

Find out more at https://www.mining-plus.com/post/global-mining-expertise-critical-risk-control-processes